About Me

My Approach

You are always at the centre of everything I do. Client satisfaction is extremely important to me, which is why I will go to great lengths to ensure I don't just meet your expectations, but exceed them.

I source funding from High Street banks, Challenger banks, independent financial institutions and peer-to-peer lenders. While regularly working alongside accountants, solicitors, corporate advisers, insolvency, and turnaround professionals to ensure that you have the best advice and service possible.

My Story

With over 25 years of experience, I have built extensive knowledge in the asset based lending sector and very rarely is there a situation that I cannot resolve. Focused primarily on SMEs with turnover of less than £100m, I have a reputation for being tenacious and creative and am always focused upon delivering the right solution for my client. Spanning some 25 years in the sector, I have a wide reaching database of contacts and therefore able to provide a multitude of financial products to meet the needs of my clients.

Having previously owned a manufacturing business, I have experience of actually using ABL financial tools to enhance my own working capital and so have empathy with growing SME businesses. I have also helped shape some of the financial products that are widely used today.

From 2008, I have also focused upon the property market since the market experienced a tumble and the banks became less willing to lend. I specialise in bridging finance, which can be used for a multitude of reasons, along with property development funding for both residential and commercial projects, countrywide. No project is too big or too small - there is a willing lender out there for everything if you know where to look and I pride myself in having that knowledge.

Case Studies

Thinking 'outside-of-the-box'

A client came to me with an opportunity to purchase a thoroughbred horse from a Russian stable. They knew that the purchase price was low and that they could train and re-sell it at great profit. The issue was funding the purchase as they couldn’t find any method of doing so and had no liquidity at the time. We agreed that I would source a second charge bridge against a property for a 12-month period. The horse was then sold on within the year, at a high profit margin and everyone was happy.

Urgent Re-Mortgage

A client approached me with an urgent re-mortgage of a BTL property when the lender that had been about to complete on the transaction, came out of the market unexpectedly. The previous mortgage had expired some time ago and the client was under severe pressure to complete quickly. Although we had to start again, I sourced a willing lender who could act very quickly and utilise the valuation report and the legal team that had been working on the case for the previous lender. I was able to give comfort to the exiting lender that all was well, and we completed the transaction within just less than 3 weeks from the onset.

Additional Working Capital

A client requiring additional working capital was introduced to me by a bank unable to help. The client’s business was growing rapidly, and was of a contractual nature. The quality of the debtors was strong, enabling me to provide an invoice finance product where the client could select which debtors to finance rather than whole ledger. However, a further problem was the short payment terms that his suppliers were allowing, which was also causing a working capital squeeze. We implemented a supply chain finance tool, enabling the lender to pay for the goods immediately, whilst giving the client up to 120 days to repay the lender. The suppliers gave the client a discount for ‘cash payments’ thus significantly reducing the cost of the funding facility.

Urgent Funding

A client had paid a large deposit, and agreed a price for a piece of land with planning permission. Planning was about to expire, so the funding was particularly urgent. The issue was that the proposition was to build a unique ‘Grand Design’ style house; hardly run-of-the-mill. Because of the uniqueness, I was having difficulty financing it by way of a regular development finance product. Having an extensive data base of people then came in very handy! I sourced a small bespoke lender with vast knowledge and experience in the property field, who was willing to finance this project. Because of the bespoke nature and streamlined process of the lender, we were able to complete the transaction extremely swiftly, before the expiration of planning.

Work With Me

I rarely come across a situation I cannot solve. If you are interested in working with me, click the button below and complete the short contact form or give me a call on +44 7921 004 132. We will discuss your requirements and I will get back to you with what I can do for you.